One Cape – Scott Williams

“We do a lot of things that people do once in a lifetime…a lot of firsts for families. We serve the region,” says Scott Williams, Recreation Division Manager with Parks and Recreation. 

In his more than 30 years serving Cape Girardeau, the changes Williams has seen with the department could only be described one way: Massive growth. When starting with Parks and Recreation in 1988, Williams said the department only had a couple special events and a few facilities. Back then, he was the second full-time recreation employee. Now, the department has approximately 55 full-time and hundreds of part-time employees. 

Williams oversees the department’s recreation division and several facilities including the Shawnee Park Sports Complex, A.C. Brase Arena, Shawnee Park Center and SportsPlex. He also helps in other areas as needed. Much of his work with these facilities is completely different due to massive growth. 

“Back when I started we didn’t have the Osage Centre, Shawnee Park Sports Complex, Shawnee Park Center, the SportsPlex or Cape Splash Aquatic Center,” said Williams. “Staff, facilities, programs, the community have grown as well. We serve a lot bigger population.”

Williams takes pride in building community relationships and partnerships, and he feels lucky to have worked with a great team over the years. 

“I love the relationships that I’ve got to help build with this department and our foundation,” said Williams. “That’s probably the most rewarding gift for me – the relationships I’ve built. The things we offer. The impact we’ve had on the community.”

A result of those relationships and community impact? Sometimes the job is 24/7. Williams mentions taking phone calls, both good and bad, at any time day or night. 

“I think people probably don’t know what kind of time commitment it takes. You’re always accessible to the community,” he says. “We are a very approachable department. We don’t limit people’s access to us.”

Scott Williams outside of the A.C. Brase Arena.
Photo of Scott Williams by Laura Simon.