One Cape – Mike Tripp

Keeping tens of thousands of trash and recycling customers happy and provided with the best service possible is no easy task – one that Solid Waste Superintendent Mike Tripp has taken seriously.

Tripp has served Cape Girardeau residents since 1992. He currently oversees solid waste routes, the recycling center and transfer station. In his nearly 28 years of service, Tripp has seen many advancements that have made a big difference.

“The biggest change has been the advancements from actually picking up the trash by hand to more of an automated system, hopefully being easier on employees we can keep,” said Tripp.

All in all, Tripp feels the big job of managing the solid waste division rewarding. The job provides him with quite a sense of accomplishment from getting things done on a daily basis. Tripp has some input for those up-and-coming in the workforce:

“Show up on time. Work hard. And put a little money aside in a retirement fund.”

Solid advice from a solid team leader.

Mike Tripp at his desk
Mike Tripp has served Cape Girardeau since 1992.