One Cape – Steve Williams

Housing Assistance Coordinator Steve Williams has dedicated 32 years to helping the citizens of Cape Girardeau – a role he finds rewarding. 

“Being able to help someone and to go into neighborhoods and deal with individuals and have the opportunity to more or less change their lifestyle,” is what Williams feels is the most rewarding part of his role within Development Services. 

As Housing Assistance Coordinator, Williams facilitates the City’s housing program, writes and administers grants, and works with any other programs the City might have concerning government housing finance programs. 

In his tenure, Williams has seen lots of changes. “The programs that you have, they started out a certain way and over the years they have evolved into other things,” said Williams. “[There are] more responsibilities and more paperwork to get the same amount of money that you used to get before.”

A common misconception by the public – our customers – is just how many things local government does in our community. “We do more things than people think about. This department and the city, if we aren’t here, than there is no city,” said Williams.

For those just embarking on their public service careers, Williams offers advice: “Whatever you do, you have to work at it. You have to give it your best.”

Steve Williams was also recently recognized by the Regional Planning Commission for more than 20 years of service as a board member. Of Williams, RPC Executive Director Jeremy Tanz said, “We truly appreciate the time and contributions he has made to our organization and the help he has provided to all of our member counties and communities.”

Steve Williams