One Cape – Mead Talley

Variety is the spice of life. It’s this variety that has kept work interesting for Mead Talley over the past 22 years. Talley works in maintenance at the A.C. Brase Arena for Parks and Recreation.

“It’s not boring. It’s something new all of the time. I like that,” said Talley. “It’s not just the same old dull routine. You have constant different events.”

Talley’s responsibilities have him both indoors and out while taking care of the Arena and grounds outside. 

“This is a good place to work,” said Talley. “Good people to work for and a good environment.” 

Over his 20-plus years with the City, Talley has seen changes but nothing too different in relation to his role.

“We take care of the 4-H Building now, too, so it’s a little more responsibility, but it’s basically the same,” he said. 

Talley lives in the Cape Girardeau area, which he enjoys due to the people and his neighborhood. In his spare time, Talley enjoys hunting deer and rabbits.

Parks and Recreation Maintenance Worker Mead Talley.