One Cape – Debbie Hillis

Fleet Specialist Debbie Hillis has seen many changes over the last 39 years – everything from job-related tasks to changes in personnel.

“Sometimes, they are good changes; sometimes they are bad,” said Hillis. “You see both in this many years.” 

As fleet specialist, she helps keep the team rolling. Hillis keeps all the parts ordered for all vehicles including police cars, trash trucks, and more. She also keeps tabs on the fleet’s fuel reports, insurance, and required labor.

“I think the knowledge that I know, in me being a woman in a particular ‘man’s job’, compared to other women,” said Hillis when asked what someone might find surprising about her role. “I really enjoy it. I work with all men. I think the biggest surprise is they can’t get anything over on me. They know it.”

Hillis finds the job rewarding. She works hard to make sure all of the equipment is safe for other employees to drive.

When looking back at her 39 years, Hillis says it is important to learn as much as you can. 

“Learn as much as possible on computers,” she said. “That’s the biggest factor. It helps us in our jobs everyday. When our computers are down we’re at a standstill.” 

While not serving the community, Hillis lives in Jackson where she enjoys gardening and activities outdoors.

Debbie Hillis and Bobby D. Cat
Debbie Hillis is pictured with Public Works’ shop pet, Bobby D. Cat.