Cape Serves – Molly Mehner

Deputy City Manager Molly Mehner compares her job at the City of Cape Girardeau to a conductor and their orchestra. In her position, Mehner oversees five different city departments/divisions including Development Services, Public Works, Human Resources, Finance and the Airport.

“Because we have so many different departments that do so many different things, it’s like a violin is different from a tuba, but they all play for the same orchestra,” said Mehner. “I try to make sure that everyone is reading from the same sheet of music, making sure that all the departments are working towards the same goals.”

Deputy City Manager Molly Mehner
Deputy City Manager Molly Mehner

On a given day, Mehner can be found trying to keep everybody on track and making sure projects are getting done, on budget, on schedule, and that we are keeping our customers happy. She also helps manage larger projects, such as a public safety radio interoperability program that will rebuild our radio infrastructure for police and fire.

Mehner’s favorite part about her role as Deputy City Manager is problem solving. She feels like it is a game or puzzle she gets to solve. Mehner never knows what will come up, or what will need to happen to reach goals. So, to her, it is a challenge trying to conquer issues and make things better for the organization and the community as a whole.

Having worked in local government for nearly 25 years, Mehner began her career as a City Planner in nearby Carbondale, Illinois. She spent most of her career in Arizona, where she worked in planning, economic development, and project management.

One of Mehner’s greatest accomplishments was leading the $180 million project for the Arizona Coyotes hockey arena in the early 2000s. As a part of the project, Mehner traveled all over the country looking at hockey arenas to develop plans and standards for the Coyotes’ arena, and she got to work with some amazing people.

Mehner feels that she serves the community by making sure all of the different City departments head in the right direction to fulfill long-term goals. She wants the best for her community and strives to do whatever she can to achieve greatness.

“I love local government and serving the public,” said Mehner. “You get to do so much good and you can see the difference you make in your community.”

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