Cape Serves – Adam Glueck

Adam Glueck’s newest chapter in his 20-year career with the Cape Girardeau Police Department is his promotion to Assistant Chief in early 2019.

Glueck began his career in 1999 as an Administrative Clerk for the Records Division while completing his degree in criminal justice at Southeast Missouri State University. While working as an Administrative Clerk, Glueck spent time answering phone calls and taking basic reports, as the Department did not have an automated phone system at the time. 

Assistant Police Chief Adam Glueck
Assistant Police Chief Adam Glueck

After completing his degree, Glueck began training at the local police academy. From there, the Cape Girardeau Police Department hired Glueck as a patrolman in 2001. From that point forward, he worked multiple positions in the Department and received multiple promotions.

In his new role, Glueck works with personnel, budgeting, grant work, and building and equipment maintenance.

One of his favorite responsibilities is assisting with hiring new officers. Glueck enjoys meeting and recruiting new talent, bringing people to the City and Department, and working with potential officers.

Glueck takes advantage of every opportunity he comes across to make a change or influence in his community for the better.

“With any job you do, you have the potential to make a difference in your community. In police work, you have more of a direct approach to doing that,” said Glueck.

The Cape Girardeau Police Department takes great pride in their devotion to community involvement. Glueck feels that the Department has been able to strengthen their ties with the community by becoming involved, helping to make Cape a better place.

Some of Glueck’s fondest memories and greatest achievements in his career are the volunteer work he has done with Special Olympics and the Salvation Army. He awarded medals at the track and field event for Special Olympics in Cape this past spring. Every year, Cape Girardeau police officers hand out medals to the athletes, and Glueck has participated almost every year since he has worked for the Department. He has developed a deep bond and relationship with some of the athletes over the years and looks forward to watching them participate and receive their medals, an opportunity Glueck says he would not have had if not for his work with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

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