Local Mystery: Bunnies at Fire Station 4

Early one morning at Fire Station 4 on Kurre Lane, several Cape Girardeau firefighters woke up to two rabbit figurines in front of the station. No one had any idea who brought them or where they came from, but they appreciated the nice gesture and continued on with their day.

Within a month or two, the figurines had multiplied. Someone secretly gifted the station with more rabbits. The firefighters still did not know how these rabbits were appearing at the station. As figurines would get old or damaged from the weather, without fail, more would show up in replacement.

Community members began to take notice of the rabbits and grew fond of them just like the firefighters. The station realized this as they moved to their new station on Lexington Avenue in 2017. Community members would come by the station to make sure they were planning on taking the rabbits along to the new location.

“They have become a station mascot,” said Captain Randy Sander.

Still to this day the rabbits come and go. Some were received as gifts, such as a housewarming present from the former City architect who helped manage building the new Fire Station 4, but others are still dropped off anonymously. No one at the station knows where the rabbits come from, or if anyone does know no one has ever admitted to dropping off the figurines. Firefighters do know that a community member who lived up the road from the old station collected figurines and have guessed that may be the source.

For now, most of the multiplying rabbits at Fire Station 4 remain a mystery.

Rabbits outside former Fire Station 4 in Cape Girardeau
Rabbits outside former Fire Station 4 in Cape Girardeau.