Cape Serves – Casey Brunke

Engineers do not just sit silently behind their computers all day. Assistant Public Works Director Casey Brunke does so much more in her career.

Many are unfamiliar with the wide range of services the City of Cape Girardeau Public Works Department provides. From maintaining the municipal water system, to trash and recycling pick up, street repairs, and just about everything in between, Public Works keeps critical City utilities and operations going on a daily basis.

Assistant Public Works Director Casey Brunke, City of Cape Girardeau

As Assistant Public Works Director, Brunke supervises everything related to the Wastewater Treatment Facility as well as street maintenance. Serving the people of Cape is what keeps Brunke going every day.

Brunke is an engineer by schooling, and one of the best parts about her career has been the opportunity to communicate and interact with the community. A huge part of her job is explaining her team’s plans and projects to the public and writing technical reports for various permit compliance. 

“You never know who will call and need help with something, but it is important to be ready for anything,” said Brunke. Problem solving is also a large part of the job. Brunke humbly does not claim to know how to solve every problem thrown at her. It is her mission to provide resources that can help solve whatever problems arise.

In fall 2018, Brunke began her new position at Public Works after transitioning from working as the City Engineer for several years. Brunke decided to make this change when the position became available because of how closely she had worked with Public Works as City Engineer. As City Engineer, Brunke’s team would design, manage, and oversee construction of the plans, and then pass along projects to other City divisions for maintenance. She wanted to experience the maintenance and operation aspects of City infrastructure, which led her to Public Works.

It took some time to find a new City Engineer. For about four months, Brunke balanced both her new position at Public Works while handling the duties of City Engineer. She was thankful for her amazing co-workers who helped during this busy time. Currently, Brunke is enjoying her position at Public Works and looks forward to the future.

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