Cape Serves – Nicolette Brennan

With 10 years of city government experience under her belt, Nicolette Brennan wears multiple hats with ease. As Public Information Manager for the City of Cape Girardeau, Nicolette says that every day is never the same in her world. Her job involves everything public relations and communications related, so one day she may be debugging a website or blog site and the next she is setting up a community meeting and welcomes community members to the event, and more.

“I like going home knowing that I helped people who help others,” Nicolette said about her job. Knowing that part of her job is to serve those who serve others in the community gives Nicolette great pride her work every day. Her main goal is to build a system that helps people communicate easier and more effectively.

Nicolette embodies what it means to be a team player. She works with all City departments as well as many organizations and community groups around the city. She hopes that the work she does helps to make others’ jobs easier.

Nicolette is a humble public servant. She would rather highlight the success of an event and credit all of the people involved rather than brag on what a great job she did. A current project she is proud of is the launch of the Citizen Academy. This program has seen a positive response from the community. People are enjoying it and learning new things about their city government. Nicolette also hopes that she has had an impact on the team that works on the website, social media, and others with whom she works closely.

As passionate as Nicolette is about her work, she is just as passionate about Cape Girardeau. “It’s a big little city,” she said while comparing Cape Girardeau to other places. She enjoys the convenience of being able to get across town quickly while still having a variety of things she and her family can do in their own town. While most of her friends in larger cities are sitting in evening rush hour traffic, Nicolette has already brought her son to a local park to run around, gone to the grocery store, and ran her errands for the day.

Accessibility and customer service are important to both Nicolette and the City of Cape Girardeau. There are many ways to keep up to date on what is happening around the City online and in person. You can visit the City of Cape Girardeau website, follow City department social media pages, and sign up for the City email subscription service to stay in the know with everything happening in this “big little city.”

Brenna Shea is a mass communications major with a public relations concentration at Southeast Missouri State University. This summer she plans to begin her PR career at either a digital marketing agency or a business-to-consumer corporation in the Greater St. Louis area. To learn more about her, visit her LinkedIn profile: