2018 City of Cape Girardeau Department Employees of the Year

Employees are nominated by their peers for this yearly, by-department award.

Congratulations to everyone who was named Employee of the Year for 2018, and everyone else who were also nominated by their peers. Here’s a little bit about the awarded employees from each city department.

City Hall/Airport/Court/Library
Congratulations to City Hall Employee of the Year, HR Generalist Diana Koch! Diana has served Cape Girardeau for six years. Diana was nominated by her peers for her outstanding service to both fellow employees and the public. Diana has been instrumental in helping with a massive software upgrade and related issues. She has also taken on implementation of a badge/security system. Diana can juggle many items at once and handles additional requests beyond her usual payroll and benefits duties with a friendly, helpful attitude. Diana is pictured at left below with City Manager Scott Meyer.

Fire Department
Congratulations to Fire Department Employee of the Year, Firefighter/EMT Jamie Hann. Jamie has been a member of the department for 10 years. He brings exemplary attitude and character in performance of day-to-day activities. His upbeat nature never seems to falter and has always helped to bolster the morale of his fellow employees. Jamie has also helped with special projects that better the department as a whole and on an individual basis. He has been deeply involved with the peer fitness program and with the design and install of the gyms at Stations 2 and 4. Jamie has recently been involved with the installation of the new climbing wall at Station 4. Jamie works well with his other firefighters. He maintains a high morale in the most troubling times and is constantly working to pass on his knowledge to new and less-senior firefighters. Jamie is an informal leader of his crew and leads by example through his knowledge, personality, and fitness. He truly serves as a model firefighter of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department.

Parks and Recreation Department
Congratulations to Parks and Recreation Department Employee of the Year, Maintenance Worker II Randy Huebel. Randy has served the citizens of Cape Girardeau for 23 years. In addition to his other daily duties, Randy routinely goes the extra mile to make sure Cape Girardeau’s parks are clean and in excellent condition – what one employee nominator calls an “undeniable dedication to the parks.” He often goes out of his way to check on the facilities in various parks to make sure everything is presentable. Randy maintains an incredibly positive attitude even while performing some of the least appealing tasks, and has maintained the attitude for a long time. Randy shows leadership when taking initiative to recruit helpers and direct them as needed when tasks are more than he can handle alone. It will be quite challenging to find a better worker to replace Randy one day, should he choose to retire. Randy is pictured in the middle below with Parks and Recreation Director Julia Jones and City Manager Scott Meyer.

Police Department
Congratulations to Police Department Employee of the Year, Sgt. Joey Hann.
Sgt. Hann began his employment with the department in 2006 and has been an active member ever since. As one co-worker described Sgt. Hann, “Joey sets the standard in what it means to be a police officer. Joey is a constant professional in all aspects of police work and is truly a steward of the profession. He selflessly dedicates his personal time to the community by organizing Special Olympic events.” More importantly, Sgt. Hann is described as a leader, leading from the front by being the first and almost always the last person on scene during any serious investigation. Sgt. Hann’s contributions during these incidents are paramount to the success of the investigation. Also, during this past year, Sgt. Hann was assigned as the interim SRT Commander and was key in making our Defensive Tactics Room what it is today. The amount of activities and events that Sgt. Hann participates and organizes, while still being a great mentor, leader, supervisor, and friend should not be understated. “Sgt. Hann is very much a leader in our Department and is incredibly deserving of this show of confidence by his peers. It speaks to his level of commitment to our community, the police department, and his co-workers,” said Chief Wes Blair. “He is a tremendous asset to our Department.”

Public Works Department
Congratulations to Public Works Department Employee of the Year, System/GIS Analyst Donna Rubach. Donna has served the citizens of Cape Girardeau for 26 years. She coordinates and provides the Public Works Department with it’s IT and GIS needs in-house and is on the front lines of the implementation of new software programs both city wide and in-house. At any time when Donna is asked to take on a project, she does it willingly and fully. Donna is the backbone of Public Works’ GIS needs, spending countless hours working behind the scenes to ensure that the implementation of new software is done properly, efficiently and seamlessly. She has also put in many hours of time and effort to get the Munis work orders system program up and running. Donna is pictured in the middle below with Assistant Public Works Director Casey Brunke and Public Works Director Stan Polivick.

Fun fact: Fire and Police Department Employees of the Year Jamie and Joey Hann are brothers!