Plane Crash First Responders Recognized at Nov. 7 City Council Meeting

On Oct. 9, 2018, a very unfortunate incident occurred at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. A small, two-seat plane crashed at approximately 11 a.m. Two occupants in the plane, pilot Lowell Peterson and passenger Jack Mehner, suffered grave injuries in the crash.

Calls were placed to 911 and police, fire, and emergency medical personnel were on their way. But, immediately upon impact, Airport personnel and others at the Airport demonstrated the utmost bravery and rushed to provide aid and assistance to Mr. Peterson and Mr. Mehner. These people courageously set their own safety aside to render aid to those in need. They risked their lives and went above and beyond to help in an unimaginable situation. Others dutifully managed to keep other Airport operations running smoothly in the midst of the emergency, which in itself is no small feat.

These individuals went to work that Tuesday like any other day. Little did they know what would unfold that morning. Unfortunately, Mr. Peterson did not survive. Mr. Mehner continues to recover and is doing well.

The men and women who acted so courageously that day were commended for their bravery and willingness to help others during the Nov. 7, 2018 City Council meeting. Thank you to the following (and all involved):

1. Bruce Loy, Airport Manager
2. Fran Tartabini, Lead Flight Line Technician
3. Robert Cohn, Airport Maintenance I
4. Katrina Amos, Deputy Airport Manager
5. Kyle Campbell, Administrative Clerk
6. Brooke Shahriary and Leighanne Smith, RNs from Cardinal Glennon
7. Joe Wayne, EMT from Cardinal Glennon contractor Abbott.
8. Paul Salmon, Physician/Owner of Cape Copters
9. Jim Pfau, Air Show Volunteer
10. Timmy Brown, Air Traffic Controller

Plane crash responders recognized