Brick-and-Mortar Bulletin: Jack Trickey

This is the second installment in the Brick-and-Mortar Bulletin series by Public Information Office Intern Seth Watkins.


At the center of a wooden dining table, a Southeast Missouri State Redhawk football helmet has been delicately placed in a glass box. The glass is free of any smudges or smears, and the helmet itself has been polished so much you can see your reflection in it. On the far side of the table, Jack Trickey beams with pride.

“I bought it at an auction,” he explained.

The Trickey family enjoying a recent Redhaws game.

Jack Trickey is part-owner of Broadway Biergarten, along with Rob and Chris Foeste. Given the history he has with the Cape Girardeau community, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Jack was born to be a Redhawk.

Jack spent the first few years of his life in the Cape Girardeau area, where his parents had also grown up. However, a change in his father’s career led to the family of Redhawks flying south to Charlotte, North Carolina. He spent the bulk of his life in the big city and attended East Carolina University for two years.

It wasn’t long before the Redhawk-at-heart came home to roost, though, as Jack moved back to Cape Girardeau to finish his college career at Southeast Missouri State University. To this day, Jack serves on the Redhawk Club Board of Directors, and he can frequently be spotted in Houck Stadium rooting for his team.

Although Jack enjoyed his time in the Queen City, he’s grateful to be back in Cape.

“There’s definitely a greater sense of community here,” he said. “Everybody works hard, and the people really care.”

For Jack Trickey, it’s all at about the people. When he, Rob and Chris Foeste bought the Biergarten building together in 2013, their initial idea was to create an English pub. They eventually changed their minds and instead created something that celebrates the German heritage that runs deeply in the area.

“It was designed to be a very laid-back place,” Jack elaborated. “We wanted the atmosphere to breed conversation.”

The Broadway Biergarten at 818 Broadway.
The Broadway Biergarten at 818 Broadway.

Complete with picnic-table seating and a smoking ban, Biergarten certainly invites its patrons to acquaint themselves with their neighbors. Getting to know the regulars might be Jack’s favorite part of the job, but his interest in spreading camaraderie among Cape citizens extends well beyond the physical building. Biergarten is a member of the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, as well as Old Town Cape.

When Jack isn’t tending to Biergarten or working his other job as a UPS center supervisor, he enjoys catching up with his sports teams. He mostly cheers on the St. Louis teams, but his time in Charlotte has led to him growing fond of the Carolina Panthers football team and the Duke University Blue Devils. Jack also remains family-oriented. His parents and sister live in Cape, and every Tuesday or Thursday night the Trickeys get together for a family dinner. A few weeks ago, Jack treated his parents to a weekend in Branson.

Although Trickey hadn’t always planned on being a business owner, it seems to be a trend in the family. His grandfather founded Jack Trickey’s Men’s Store at 36 Main St., where every sharp-dressed man went to piece their suits together. The store has been gone for decades, but the spirit of contributing to the city is alive in Jack Trickey.

“My father bought that store from my grandfather for a dollar when he retired,” he said. “For Trickeys, owning a downtown business seems to be in the bloodline.”


Disclaimer: This blog post and other Brick-and-Mortar Bulletins on this blog are not an advertisements, nor are they an expression of favoritism on the City of Cape Girardeau’s behalf. The purpose of this blog is to spotlight our local business owners/managers and thank them for providing the innovation that shapes the identity of the city and allows our community to thrive.

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