Apply Now for New Visitor Bureau Executive Board

CVB-Meeting-GuideThe City of Cape Girardeau has created a new Executive Board to oversee the operations of the Cape Girardeau Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) operations and contract. has more information about the CVB. Apply for the Board now online.
The new Executive Board will be made up of six members, three of which are appointed by the City Council and three appointed by the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.   The City Manager serves as one of the City Council members, and the Chamber President serves as one of the Board of Directors members. Meetings are held at least quarterly as called by the CVB Director.
The Executive Board has the following duties:

  1. Provide oversight on the operations of the CVB, including methods of promoting tourism, conventions, meetings and other activities and events.
  2. Provide input for development of a long-term strategic plan for operations of the CVB, to be prepared by the CVB Director.
  3. Provide input for the Annual Marketing and Business Plan, including short and long term goals, plans, policies, and proposed projects for the CVB, to be prepared by the CVB Director.
  4. Provide input for the annual operating budget of the CVB and ensure that the annual operating budget clearly reflects the full cost of CVB operations.
  5. Submit oversight and input recommendations to the Chamber Board of Directors for final approval.