'Tis the Season: Help Build a Sense of Purpose for Area Youth

As we all work to balance our gift shopping and the real reason for the season, local youth asset-building group THRIVE has sent out their monthly newsletter. This month has a very timely focus on building a Sense of Purpose among youth.
The goal of the THRIVE Initiative is to spread awareness of the 40 Developmental Assets and encourage asset building in the community so that all of our kids can grow up into health and happy adults.  The 40 Developmental Assets are relationships, values and qualities that help kids succeed.  The Assets were developed by Search Institute in Minneapolis, MN and are being promoted by a local youth development initiative called THRIVE.
December 2016 – This month, our focus is Asset #39: Sense of Purpose
Young person reports that they feel their life has a purpose.
Nationally, only 57% of youth report having this asset.
 Ways to build up “Sense of Purpose” asset:

  • Provide your child with inspiring books about heroes who made a difference with their lives.
  • Tell your child about a time when you really messed up and learned from it. This will teach your child that making mistakes is a part of life and that they teach us things.
  • Encourage your child to be involved in clubs, sports, and other activities they enjoy.
  • Support your child’s interests and be their biggest fan. Remind them that they have a purpose every day.

SPREAD THE MESSAGE:                     
You can help spread the asset message in our community! Consider adding the following message as an e-mail tagline for the month.    “Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for.”  – Bryant H. McGill
Also, visit the City’s Volunteering page to link to community volunteering to get involved supporting area youth.
The youth Development Committee was formed in Spring 2005 in response to the Community assessment’s determination of the top 4 priority issues, one of which was Family Issues. Youth Development was one of five committees selected to support families in providing healthy, safe, stable, and nurturing environments. the Committee first met in May 2005 in order to promote positive youth development as outlined in the Community Plan, using Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Asset Framework. the Committee’s focus is the community-wide THRIVE Initiative–Teach, Hope, Reach, Involve, Value, and Encourage youth to be the best that they can be!For more information on THRIVE, call 573-651-3747, ext. 118 or visit our website www.capecountythrive.com