Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive Update: Sanitary Sewer Construction, Stormwater, Final Dirt Work Efforts Continuing

As in September, sanitary sewer construction is still underway. Five of six manholes have been set for the project. Some unforeseen work was encountered during the water line installation, but the contractor has already laid 75 percent of the line and should finish in approximately one week with both water and sewer lines.
Installation of stormwater ditches is underway throughout the project. Once stormwater ditch installation is complete, final slope grading can be accomplished.
Final dirt work efforts, as in September, remain ongoing. Within weeks, crews will begin putting rock in place for the future roadways. This final work, plus the remaining water and sewer work must be completed before paving begins. Paving, as noted in our last update on Sept. 22, is expected to begin in the next few weeks.
The project is still on track for completion in fall 2016. Current estimates are in the November-December period in fall and are weather-permitting. All efforts are being made to reopen Hopper Road as soon as construction is complete and it is safe for motorist to travel in the area.
Previously posted project information
Work completed on Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive

  • Tree removal
  • Removal of existing improvements (majority)
  • Installation of majority of storm sewer piping and structures
  • Relocation of existing utilities (mainly centered on, or along, Hopper Road)

Work to be done on Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive

  • Finish grading operations
  • Finish laying storm sewer piping
  • Install sanitary sewer line along Hopper Road
  • Pave roadway
  • Install sidewalks and street lighting