One Cape: Sonia R. Rucker

sonya-r-rucker-final“My official title is the Coordinator of Institutional Equity and Diversity. For the most part, my role is to make sure that I am assessing the climate of the campus and making sure that we are complying with all of our policies and procedures as it relates to Title IX and the Civil Rights Act- covering the protected classes, making sure people are treated fairly and equitably and there is no harassment or discrimination. I also work with the faculty and staff to make sure we are recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff-I investigate and look at any charge or complaints and compliance related to diversity, related to discrimination or harassment as well. I think we are, as a university, a microcosm of either Missouri, the United States, or even the world, and I think everyone should be represented here. This is an institution of higher learning where knowledge is created, things are discussed, ideas and opinions are formed. We have the ability to change people’s perspectives, the way people view other groups, so I think it is important for us to set the standards of what we want to be occurring in the United States as far as people being given equal treatment and equal opportunities, especially when it comes to education. Education is power. It can really change a person’s life, their social economic status, what they understand and how they can contribute to the world. So, if we can do anything to make sure that everyone one has equal opportunity and equal access to education I am extremely happy to be involved with that.”  — Sonia R. Rucker
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