One Cape: Brooke DeArman

I play trumpet in both the Cape Girardeau and Jackson Municipal Bands during the summer. I was just about to graduate with my trumpet performance degree from Oklahoma City University and knew I would be moving back to Cape Girardeau to begin working in the Office of Admissions at Southeast and to start my own private trumpet lesson studio.  I wanted an outlet to be able to perform with a large ensemble, so I was thrilled when both directors contacted me and said, “Hey, I heard it on the street that you and your husband are moving back to Cape, how would you like to play in the municipal band?”  I said, “SURE!!”
Having the opportunity to perform with two large groups each summer is awesome.  My husband plays trombone in both bands as well, and it is something we enjoy doing together and love the time we get to spend with our friends within the music community. We just completed our fifth season with both bands, and I don’t see either one of us giving that up any time soon.
What do I feel when playing the trumpet? ANXIETY!!  No, no; I go through many emotions when I’m practicing and performing. Playing an instrument is one of those things that nobody will ever perfect, so every time I practice, I’m always focusing on how to improve…How can I do this differently? If I were working with a student, how might I tell them how to play this or fix that?  Performing is a totally different ball game. I’ve always loved playing for others, even though sometimes I get nervous…but nerves give you a good adrenaline boost. Performing music is like a drug to me, so when there is a time I may not be performing as much as I’d like to be, I fall into a sort of depression…but luckily I live in an area that embraces live music, so this “depression” is something a rarely feel anymore. — Brooke DeArman

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