Leaf Collection Begins on Oct. 3 in Cape Girardeau

new-leaf-collection WEBStarting on Oct. 3, the Cape Girardeau Public Works leaf collection program will be back in action for the 2016 season.
VIEW Map of Leaf Collection Routes
The leaf program consists of three phases:
Phase 1, Oct. 3-31: The leaf truck travels throughout the city continuously on unscheduled routes, picking up leaves raked to the curb. When the truck has gone over all of the routes it starts over again, potentially reaching residences more than once and possibly allowing for multiple leaf pick up opportunities.
Phase 2, Nov. 1-Dec. 17 (or until routes completed): The leaf truck will run designated routes along the map during dates outlined for each route. The leaf truck will only collect leaves at each residence one time during this phase. To ensure the best possible service, it’s important that residents rake their leaves to the curb before the start date of their designated route. Also, please be aware that weather can affect route schedules, delaying leaf pick up.
Phase 3, Dec. 19-March 31 (begins, weather permitting, at the end of Phase 2): After all scheduled routes have been completed in Phase 2, the leaf truck will travel throughout the city continuously on unscheduled routes, possibly reaching residences more than once. This will continue through March 31.
For more information or to track progress during the process, visit cityofcape.org/publicworks or cityofcape.org/leaf.
In all, residents have four options to dispose of their leaves:

  1. Curbside loose leaf collection program:
    Residents rake loose leaves to their curb at any time during the season. Public Works will make several stops during the season in each designated zone. The curbside leaf collection program begins on Oct. 3 and runs through March 31.
  2. Haul your own leaves:
    You can drop off your leaves at the container available at the Recycling Center, located at 2007 Southern Expressway, from Oct. 3 through March 31. The leaf drop off is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Cape Girardeau residents only.
  3. Mulching/Composting:
    Mulch the leaves back into your lawn by mowing over them. This is the most environmentally friendly option because it adds nutrients to your soil, improving your lawn’s health.
  4. Compost bags:
    Bags for composting leaves are available at City Hall, Schnucks, Food Giant and Public Works. The bags are $6.25 for a bundle of five. Call Public Works to schedule a pick up of filled compost bags on a Wednesday. This service is available year-round.

Leaf Program Collection Tips

  • Rake leaves to the curb prior to your scheduled start date during Phase 2.
  • Keep leaves no more than three feet from the street, or between the sidewalk and street.
  • Do not place leaves in the street or parking areas.
  • Do not place leaves in obstructed areas such as around parked cars, fire hydrants, street signs and mailboxes.
  • The leaf pile will not be picked up if it has anything in it besides leaves. No garden material, small twigs, limbs, or any other material other than leaves will be picked up.
  • Leaf collection may be delayed or postponed due to inclement weather.

If you have questions about seasonal leaf collection in Cape Girardeau, please call Public Works at 573-339-6351, or check out one of the following online resources about the program:


  1. Will the “Leaf truck” be making any more sweeps to pick up late falling leaves?
    Lot of leaves at curbs on Parksite Drive.

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