Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive Update: Earthwork Continues, Seeding, Sewer Work, Paving in Coming Weeks

Several project milestones for the Veterans Memorial Drive/Hopper Road project have happened in recent days and weeks, including completion of most utility removal and relocations with the exception of minor work being completed by Charter Communications. Other portions of the project are ongoing, but nearby residents should soon begin to see signs of the new roadway taking shape.
Weather permitting, the ongoing effort to move 72,185 cubic yards of dirt for the new portions of both Veterans Memorial Drive and Hopper is expected to be complete in about one week. Erosion control is an ongoing struggle. Grass seeding operations have begun on areas where the dirt work has reached its final grade. Portions of both Veterans Memorial Drive and Hopper that will be added or changed required the dirt to be put in place, and elevations raised as much as 20 feet to create the surface of the future road.
Sewer crews are onsite, continuing sanitary and storm sewer work that, once complete, will lead to paving operations.  The paving operations will include final grading of dirt work, placement and compaction of base rock, and then the concrete street pavement over that.  The remaining sewer work must be completed before paving begins and is expected to take about a month, weather permitting. Paving is therefore expected to begin in about a month to six weeks, weather permitting.
The project is still on track for completion in fall 2016. Current estimates are in the November-December period in fall and are weather-permitting.  All efforts are being made to reopen Hopper Road as soon as construction is complete and it is safe for motorists to travel in the area.
Previously posted project information
Examples of earthwork over time:

Work completed on Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive

  • Tree removal
  • Removal of existing improvements (majority)
  • Installation of majority of storm sewer piping and structures
  • Relocation of existing utilities (mainly centered on, or along, Hopper Road)

Work to be done on Hopper/Veterans Memorial Drive

  • Finish grading operations
  • Finish laying storm sewer piping
  • Install sanitary sewer line along Hopper Road
  • Pave roadway
  • Install sidewalks and street lighting