Top 10 Places for Photos in Cape Girardeau

It’s summertime, which means it’s picture time in Cape Girardeau! We’ve compiled a list of some of Cape’s most unique or popular places to take photos for all occasions – even a rad selfie or five. Are we missing a great photo spot? Add your favorite places in the comments below or tell us on social media (use hashtag #CapeGirardeau and/or tag @cityofcape)!
1.  Dennis Scivally Park Bridge
The bridge at Dennis Scivally Park hot spot for photos in Cape Girardeau. Often the background for wedding and family photos, the bridge is sometimes called the “Winnie the Pooh” or “Cinderella” bridge by locals. Dennis Scivally Park is located on West Cape Rock Drive and Scivally Drive. Bridge-Dennis-Scivally-WEB
2.  Train Engines in City Parks (Arena, Capaha)
Capaha Park is known for its lake full of geese and swans, and Arena Park is known for the SEMO District Fair, but they’re also known to locals for each being home to their own train engine. The two train engines are the perfect jungle gyms for kiddos to play on, but are also great as a backdrop to your photos. Who else will have a vintage train engine on their family Christmas card?train-arena-park
3.  Zsa Zsa @ Annie Laurie’s Antiques
When driving down Broadway in Downtown Cape Girardeau, keep your eyes peeled for antique stores, cafes, and Zsa Zsa, arguably Cape’s most famous resident! Zsa Zsa sits on her bench outside of Annie Laurie’s Antiques on the corner of Broadway and Frederick Street, always waiting for a friend to snap some photos with! zsa-zsa-annie-lauries-broadway
4.  Public Art on Broadway, Around Townfirehouse-sculpture-2016
Firehouse and Borborygmid 6 are both pieces being presented in the 2016 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition on Broadway in Cape Girardeau. These sculptures are on display until early April 2017 and make the perfect photo souvenir to document our area’s unique arts scene. Many other sculptures grace Broadway, and other examples of public art abound around town. For more information about Public Art, visit
5.  Academic Hall at Southeast Missouri State University
Academic Hall at Southeast Missouri State University was built in 1906 in the classical Roman style. Today it stands as one of the oldest buildings in Cape Girardeau, and its dome remains the highest point in the city. Not only is it a beauty to look at, but it is one of the most photographed places in Cape Girardeau representing the town’s long history as a center for academia.

6.  The Bar (Filmed in “Gone Girl”)
Want to have something in common with Ben Affleck? Take a trip to The Bar — one of Cape Girardeau’s most famous spots, serving as a permanent reminder of the city’s appearance in the hit movie Gone Girl. In the movie, The Bar was owned by Ben Affleck’s character Nick Dunne. In real life, it’s a popular bar and restaurant located in the beautiful downtown district. The Bar is also a great place to a photo of a unique Cape Girardeau attraction used in a popular, award-winning movie.

7.  Common Pleas Courthouse
The Common Pleas Courthouse welcomes riverboats and barges to Cape Girardeau’s downtown. After taking an audio tour of the Courthouse, built in 1854, take a step outside for a great view of downtown Cape Girardeau! The view and the old courthouse make the perfect backdrop for a fun, historic-esque photo.

8.  Fort D
During the Civil War, the Union Army used Cape Girardeau as a base headed by Ulysses S. Grant. Fort D was constructed to protect the city from a riverfront invasion, but was never used to its full potential. The stone fort is currently home to re-enactments that are performed year-round, and tours are available as well. Take your family to a reenactment of a Civil War battle and then snap a few shots of the kids in front of the historic site. Re-enactment events are held on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, and Independence Day. For more information, visit

9.  Oldest Tree in Cape
Fun fact: Cape Girardeau’s oldest and largest tree is located behind the River Campus, right next to the Old Mississippi River Bridge Lookout. Not only is it Cape’s largest tree, it’s also presumed the largest of its kind (beech tree) in the state of Missouri. The tree stands 100-feet tall and has a circumference of 16 feet. Not only does it make a great backdrop of your photos, it’s a hot spot for tree-lovers!

10. Old Mississippi River Bridge Lookout
The former bridge crossing over the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau was dedicated in 1928. In 2003, that rapidly-deteriorating older bridge was replaced by the new Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge. The base of the old bridge still stands at the end of Morgan Oak Street and now serves as a lookout over the river. The lookout offers spectacular views of the river, new Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge, and the park area next to the River Campus. The view from up there is totally one of the most photo-worthy, recognizable places in Cape Girardeau!


  1. I grew up in Cape Girardeau, as one of 12 children on 1301 Cousin Street. A daughter of Bob & Bernice Buehrle. Love coming back every couple years to a Family Reunion.
    Thank you for the memorable pictures. I recognize 95% of them 🙂

  2. Somehow the Riverfront, the Bill Emerson Bridge, the clock on Main Street and the “Boat House” should be on this list. Oh, and Old Lorimer Cemetery, the River Campus, Houck Stadium (but it was better with the Indian on it), the Thilenius House (Longview)…

  3. The riverfront and the clock should be on this list. Every downtown wedding party uses this clock.

  4. Many, many photos have been taken at historic Cape Rock I’m surprised it is no where on the list which includes a cheap mannequin and bar.

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