Keep Cape Beautiful Committee Notes Litter Decline

Photo from the July 6 City Council meeting. 
File Photo of KCB Committee

The City of Cape Girardeau’s Keep Cape Beautiful Committee (KCB) conducted the annual litter index evaluation in spring of 2015 and again in 2016.
In 2015, the KCB published a statement indicating that the “assessment group overall was surprised that there was not more litter than reported” at that time. Now in 2016, the City Council was pleased to hear that litter had generally decreased since that initial report in 2015.
Despite the good news, work continues. Both Council and KCB President Brian Langois discussed the need to reduce cigarette butt and other litter through increased awareness.
Download Comparison Report by Ward
(DRAFT REPORT: Includes current data with an old narrative)
What’s your impression of litter in Cape? Better? Worse? Sound-off below or direct to your Ward Representative on the City Council. Also, help support businesses working hard to beautify the city we live in by nominating them for beautiful property of the month.


  1. I notice a lot of litter around the Broadway location of the Dollar Store. It is most unsightly. They should be notified to keep the surroundings of their property clean. I am a litter conscious person and often stop to pick up and dispose of it. A litter free community makes for a much better image.

  2. Who are we kidding here folks!? Litter is terrible in this city and enforcement is non existent. Shame on those who would attempt to convince us litter is on the decline. Look in any ditch along any street or highway in Cape and tell me what you see. Look at lacroix creek and others here in town and again, tell me what you see. Like with so many other issues, our city shakers and makers again attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. It isn’t cigarette butts that is the problem it is shag nasty people who could care less about anything. Perhaps you should drive around the near south west side of town and reevaluate your findings. Time for enforcement of our litter ordinances. Oh but wait, there is no revenue in that is there!?

    • Thank you for your reply Marc and for your interest in the aesthetics of Cape Girardeau. As I stated before Council on the 15th, while our litter index has gone down it continues to be a major challenge. We need to continue to educate and inform. Also while nobody is saying cigarette butts are the only problem it is a huge concern both as an eyesore and environmentally. As Chairman of KCB I would welcome any positive input at our monthly meetings, from you or any other concerned

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