Aug. 1 City Council Meeting Highlights

All City Council documents and video can be viewed online at Official meeting minutes will be posted soon. A summary of Council activity from Aug.1, 2016 follows:
>>> STUDY SESSION at 5 p.m.
Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Missouri appeared to present on their role in providing opportunities for at-risk youth. The group had appeared at the Mayor’s request. “Anything we can do to help the youth of our community,” said Mayor Rediger, “we all need to be a part of that.”
Fencing in the city is likely a non-issue for most residents. But for those seeking guidance on a new fence, or reporting what they believe to be an unsightly choice of a neighbor, it can be a very big deal. Council and staff discussed the merits of having an open policy subject to staff discretion, versus a very specific policy full of allowable and prohibited materials. If you have fencing opinions or guidance for your elected officials, feel free to comment at Find more information in the Council agenda documents.
The Living in Recovery group also presented on the importance of community support and resources for individuals recovering from substance abuse. They invited the public to mark their calendars for Sept. 24 for an awareness march and rally.
The Red Star Revival neighborhood association reported that they have been pursuing a 501c3 nonprofit status.
>>> REGULAR SESSION at 7 p.m.
All agenda items were approved at their stage in the process. See the agenda at for the full list.
Retail stores support the tax base that funds public services like police, parks and emergency medical first response. A retail study will be underway in a few weeks pending some final financial commitments from local governments. Working with their vendor-partner, the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce will first focus on the local retail landscape before focusing most of the project on recruiting new business to the area. At the meeting, officials remarked that the intent of the recruitment efforts will be to expand the retail industry and not just bring in businesses that would compete with existing retail stores already serving the Cape area. The project is mostly grant-funded and supported by local governments. The City of Cape Girardeau’s share of the total project will be $20,000 funded by casino revenue.
The Council also approved expenditures for drones, the indoor sports complex and park improvements as part of the Parks & Recreation and Stormwater tax.