PROGRESS: New Police Station Construction Starts this Fall

The City of Cape Girardeau and the Police Department are ready to demolish an old naval reserve center in Arena Park to make room for the City’s new police station. Demolition should start Aug. 1, marking a major milestone toward a new police station to open in 2018.
“We’re excited to see so much progress on our new police station,” said Police Chief Wes Blair.
Police-Station-Elevation-ConceptOfficials announced the location at 2530 Maria Louise Lane in July 2015. Since then, police and city staff have been working together with Kiefner Brothers and Chiodini Architects to design the new combined police headquarters, municipal court and jail facility. The team considered whether to renovate the existing structure or to demolish and start anew.
“After thorough analysis of retrofitting the existing building to current seismic standards, and electrical and mechanical requirements, the project team decided it was more cost effective to demolish and start with a new structure,” said Project Manager, and Building and Code Enforcement Manager, Anna Kangas.
Nip Kelley is the subcontractor demolishing the building and intends to start demolition Aug. 1.  Kiefner Brothers is expected to start construction in fall 2016 and complete the new facility in spring 2018.
Officials immediately liked the central location of the City-owned property at 2530 Maria Louise Lane, but did not own the building sitting on top of the property at the time.  In 2015, the City acquired the building from the Department of the Army.  The building was constructed in 1968 as a Naval Reserve Center and was transferred to the Army in 2007. Since the Army vacated the building, the Police Department has used it multiple times for the Citizen-Police Experience and for tactical training.  A plaque honoring the existing building’s mid-century architecture and use as a Naval Reserve Center will hang in the new Police Station.
The need for a new police station has been increasingly more urgent as the city’s daytime population grew over 100,000, along with daily calls for service topping 150, and the ever-expanding scope and complexity of modern police work requiring more space and technology. The Police Department often hosts facility tours including a large open house in 2014 when most respondents voiced support for a new, modern police station.


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