2016 Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is Aug. 5-7

The 2016 Back to School Sales Tax holiday in Missouri is the weekend of Aug. 5-7. Certain back-to-school purchases, such as clothing, school supplies, computers, and other items as defined by the statute, are exempt from some sales tax for this time period only.
State and county sales tax in the combined amount of 5.225 percent will be waived on the following items:

  • Clothing – any article having a taxable value of $100 or less
  • School supplies – not to exceed $50 per purchase
  • Computer software – taxable value of $350 or less
  • Personal computers – not to exceed $1,500
  • Computer peripheral devices – not to exceed $1,500
  • Graphing calculators – not to exceed $150

The City is not participating for 2016. Additional details about the sales tax holiday weekend are available on the Missouri State Department of Revenue’s website here.
During the June 1, 2015 Cape Girardeau City Council meeting, the Council adopted Ordinance 4706 opting out of the state-imposed sales tax holiday. As adopted, the Council would need to adopt a future ordinance opting back into the the tax holiday if choosing to participate.