Missouri Moves Cost Share Program Funding Now Available

From a Southeast Missouri Regional Planning & Economic Development Commission bulletin
The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is seeking projects which could be
funded with the Missouri Moves Cost Share Program. The program is designed to build
partnerships with local entities to pool efforts and resources to deliver transportation
projects. MoDOT funds this program with General Revenue appropriations from the
General Assembly.
The Missouri Moves Cost Share Program provides financial assistance to public and
private applicants for state and local projects to meet a transportation need. Eligible
projects include roads, bridges, bicycle/pedestrian accommodations and multimodal
facilities. A total of $20 million is available. MoDOT participates up to 50% of the total
project costs. One third of the funds are set aside for multimodal and bicycle/pedestrian projects. Up to 25 % of the funds may be distributed to projects in any one MoDOT
Projects are selected by the Cost Share/Economic Development Committee, which
consists of the Chief Engineer, Chief Financial Officer and the Assistant Chief Engineer. Projects are then recommended for approval by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission via a STIP amendment. Missouri Moves Cost Share Program guidelines, application, and rating matrix are available on MoDOT’s website a
http://www.modot.org/missourimoves/. Applications are due July 29, 2016. For more information contact Carol Kliethermes at 573-526-2561.