June 4 – Celebrate Riverfront Trail Completion on NATIONAL TRAILS DAY!

The City of Cape Girardeau, in partnership with contractors and the Missouri Departments of Conservation and Transportation, recently added a pedestrian bridge over Sloan Creek marking completion of several additions to the popular Riverfront Trail in downtown Cape Girardeau.
Improvements include trail extension, LED upgrades in the north lights, new lights in the south, and widened “pinch points” along the trail. With the new trail extension to the south, the whole trail now runs 6,800-feet (just over a mile) from the MDC Red Star River Access in the north along the length of the riverwall to the south. The public can now access the Riverfront Park Trail from Red Star, and at both the Themis and Broadway flood gates along the river wall.
Most of the $1+ Million project was made possible by grant funding via the Missouri Department of Transportation and less than $70,000 from the Parks & Recreation and Stormwater sales tax of 2008.
Join us to celebrate!
June 4 at noon
Red Star Access
Thank you contractors!
Nip Kelley, KT Power, Kiefner Brothers


  1. The Riverfront Trail is awesome! It would be nice however to have 1/10th mile marks along the walk so those of us who do not do the total 1.25 mi could pace their walk in increments. (ex: if I begin at the Themis Street gate I would know how far it was to the South end).

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll share it with Parks and Recreation. Do you by chance have a smartphone? If so, there are various free apps that will use GPS to track your walk and help mark tenths of miles (in the meantime). Glad to hear you enjoy the Riverfront Trail!

      • Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately apps are not real reliable and also link you to fitness programs, etc. A colored line on the pavement would just be a simple way to judge your distance. Thanks for passing it on, hope it happens. Also, send a thank you to the crew that keeps the riverfront clean. They have a thankless job keeping up with the river debris and the slobs that trash the trail with graffiti, dog doo, and garbage.

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