City Council Recognition for First Responders to Interstate 55 Motor Vehicle Accident

Following a tragic motor vehicle accident along Interstate 55 in May 2016, the City Council recognized first responders who assisted at the scene during the event, who performed measures that contributed to saving the life of an unborn infant. A synopsis follows:

On May 11, 2016 at 8:06 a.m. two Cape Girardeau Police Department officers came upon a multi-vehicle collision involving a semi truck on Interstate 55. The driver and passenger in one of the vehicles were both ejected, with the driver badly injured and pregnant female passenger unresponsive and not breathing. The officers began and continued CPR until the arrival of Cape Girardeau Fire Department personnel. Fire Department personnel then took over patient care. Cape County Private Ambulance Service arrived on scene, and together with Fire Department personnel, then loaded the patient and maintained CPR during transport to Saint Francis Medical Center, where patient care was transferred to their facility staff and the baby was delivered. This incident, as tragic as it was, demonstrates the teamwork and coordination necessary for an outcome as successful as possible with the circumstances involved. We are grateful for ALL of our responders and their efforts.

Pictured below, from left to right, are: David Ludolph, Lee Boze, Chris Holloway with Cape County Private Ambulance; Mayor Harry Rediger; Corporal Cary Dunavan and Lieutenant Brad Smith with the Cape Girardeau Police Department; and Firefighter J.R. Baker, Captain Norman Baker, and Firefighter Jason Poole with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department. Other members of the Fire Department’s Battalion 1 A-Crew also responded.
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