Cape Girardeau Residents: Do You Need Water Line Insurance?

398px-Concrete_water_pipeCape Girardeau residents periodically receive solicitations from private insurance companies selling coverage for the water line between the home and city’s water system. While the City of Cape Girardeau cannot tell you whether or not to buy the coverage offered by the private insurance companies, we do advise residents to:

  • Be fully informed before making a purchasing decision.
  • Know that the City’s responsibility does end at the property line. Homeowners are responsible for the pipes on their property.
  • Note that galvanized iron water service lines typically installed before 1960 have a higher failure rate than those made of other materials.
  • Contact your insurance agent to thoroughly understand what is, and what is not, covered by your existing homeowners policy.

If you receive a solicitation and have questions about the information above, please contact the City of Cape Girardeau Public Works Department at 573-339-6351.
Water pipe image by Bidgee (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.