Cape Girardeau's Traffic Cameras: Why We Have Cameras, and How Traffic Cameras Can Help You

The City’s 22 traffic cameras are used to detect vehicles at the intersection as part of the automated traffic light control system. In other words, traffic cameras are used in Cape Girardeau to help time how quickly signal lights change at intersections around town.
Traffic cameras are never used to issue tickets to drivers for red light or speeding enforcement. Cameras are a standard component of new and renovated four-way intersections with traffic lights, and they are commonly used to time traffic lights in many cities – not just in Cape Girardeau.
Once the City’s fiber network expanded between our facilities, we were able to add nine traffic cameras to the network. All intersections with cameras are listed below, including notation of which nine cameras are connected to the fiber network. Only those nine cameras connected to the fiber network can be recorded. These cameras and their recordings are available to select traffic and police personnel as needed. Public records from the fiber-connected cameras’ recordings are retained for 30 days, according to their retention schedule.
Current Locations of Traffic Cameras in Cape Girardeau
As of April 2016

Main Street Side Street Cameras Fiber Connection
1 Bloomfield Silver Springs Yes No
2 Broadway Spirgg Yes Yes
3 Broadway Pacific Yes Yes
4 Broadway Henderson Yes Yes
5 Broadway West End Yes Yes
6 Broadway Perry Yes No
7 Broadway Caruthers Yes No
8 Broadway Clark Yes No
9 Independence Sprigg Yes Yes
10 Independence West End Yes Yes
11 Independence Caruthers Yes Yes
12 Main Spanish Yes Yes
13 Mt. Auburn Bloomfield Yes No
14 Mt. Auburn Doctor’s Park Yes No
15 Mt. Auburn Independence Yes No
16 Mt. Auburn Hopper Yes No
17 Siemers Bloomfield Yes No
18 Siemers Lambert Yes No
19 Sprigg Normal Yes No
20 William Sheridan Yes No
21 William Sprigg Yes No
22 William West End Yes Yes

How Traffic Camera Recordings Help You
Many of us have been involved in traffic accidents. It is definitely not a fun experience, especially if you would find yourself in an accident that also made you the victim of a crime. In these situations, and where an accident happened in or near an intersection with one of the nine cameras attached to fiber and therefore recorded, you can work with the police officer who filed your accident report or through City Hall to get anything you need involving the recording. We will keep specific videos longer as needed if involved in an accident, or other, investigation.
Our staff positions with access to the cameras include:

  • Traffic Operations Manager
  • Special Projects Coordinator
  • Street Superintendent
  • Storm/Sewer Maintenance Supervisor
  • IT Manager
  • IT Network Engineer
  • Safe Communities Coordinator
  • Property/Evidence Tech
  • All sworn police officers
  • All 911 communications staff

Other Information About Traffic Cameras
The City recently entered into an agreement with the University to share fiber for both agencies’ mutual benefit at no cost to the city. Read more about that at: