Fire at Veterans Home – April 9, 2016

The Cape Girardeau Fire Department at 17:52 on April 9 were called to the Veterans Home for a fire in the one of the rooms in C-Wing. The initial call was for a smoke alarm sounding, but before all units responded the staff at the Veterans Home called and advised that there was a fire in one of the rooms that was occupied.
Upon our arrival there were no visible flames or smoke. The initial unit on scene made entry and found the staff had extinguished the fire by using the dry powder extinguishers. The occupant had been removed from the room by one of the staff and had first and second degree burns on their left side. The occupant was initially treated by fire personnel and then care was transferred to Cape County Private Ambulance. The patient was then transported to St. Francis Medical Center.
Fire personnel made sure that the fire was out in the room and all the smoke and dry powder residue were evacuated from the room. All units were placed in service by 18:34.
Damage type: Fire and smoke
Extent of damage: Light
Rescues: Facility staff rescued the occupant from the room before fire personnel arrived.
Smoke detectors alerted: Yes
Additional information: Facility staff used dry powder extinguishers to extinguish the fire.