2016 Annual Fire Hydrant Testing Begins May 1 in Cape Girardeau

Annual fire hydrant testing by the Cape Girardeau Fire Department begins on May 1 and is expected to be complete by May 31. The testing is completed yearly in conjunction with Alliance Water Resources/Water Division employees to ensure that hydrants operate properly.
During testing, residents may notice a slight discoloration of their water. In the event that the color has changed, running a stream of water for approximately one minute is recommended. The testing might also create a slight decrease in water pressure. In the event that water pressure does decrease, this should be minimal and only last for a few minutes.
There are approximately 2400 fire hydrants throughout Cape Girardeau. Each year, the Fire Department tests about half of the hydrants. This schedule verifies that all the city’s fire hydrants tested on at least a two-year rotation.
Testing consists of correct valve operation, flow rates, and maintenance and lubrication of the hydrant cap threads. While doing this they make a note of the overall condition of the hydrant itself. Any deficiencies that are found with the hydrants during the testing process are forwarded to the water employees, who either repair or replace the hydrant.
For more information, please contact Alliance Water Resources at 573-339-6357, or the Cape Girardeau Fire Department at 573-339-6330.