2015 Annual Report Released by Cape Girardeau Police Department

2015-pd-annual-reportWe invite you to view your Cape Girardeau Police Department’s 2015 Annual Report, a look back at the year through photos and comments. Included are the annual crime stats and budget overview, as well as an introduction to the Department’s Bureaus and specialty divisions/units.
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“2015 was a difficult one for our profession both nationally and right here in our own state of Missouri. Policing and those who wear the uniform have been under increased scrutiny and, in many instances, attack. I am filled with immense pride to be leading a group of sworn officers and civilians who are committed to providing services to our citizens professionally, compassionately and in keeping with our mission, vision, and core value. The collaborative approach to policing our community with our community stands out as a model for other communities.

We did face some troubling increases in crime in 2015, most notably automobile thefts, which were up nearly 50%. To address this, we have started several initiatives to target high crime areas during time periods that our analysis indicate are most commonly prone to crime. We will continue to work with our partners in the community to address preventative measures.
On a national level, policing professionals predicted a spike in violent crimes for 2015. Because of the work we’ve done to build relationships with our community, I can report to you that the Cape Girardeau experience is not the same. In 2015, we saw a decrease in murders by 50%, robberies by 7%, and aggravated assaults by 2%.
We have placed a heavy emphasis on relationships and communication this past year. Through efforts like our neighborhood roll calls, National Night Out, enhanced social media efforts, and many other initiatives, we have strengthened our relationship with you, our community. While we are proud of that, we recognize that it is not merely a program or an event, but a commitment to community that will continue to build up these bonds.
On behalf of the dedicated men and women of the Cape Girardeau Police Department, I am pleased to present you with our 2015 annual report. We look forward to another year of dedicated service to our community and citizens.”
-Chief Wes Blair