Special Council Meeting for Election Results, Pump Station Dedication on April 8

Special City Council Meeting, Certify Election Results:  At the March 7 City Council meeting, a motion was made to set a special Council meeting on April 8 at 4 p.m. to declare the results of the April 5 Municipal Election. Per the City Charter, the City Council must declare the results within 7 days of the election. The ballot includes questions for the vehicle tax extension, for a use tax, and for the election of Council Members from Wards 3, 4, and 5. Immediately following the meeting, the newly elected Council Members will be sworn into office.
Council election information          Vehicle/Use Tax election information
Merriwether Pump Station Dedication: Prior to this special Council meeting, all are invited to join us for the Merriwether Pump Station Dedication at 3:30 p.m., at the pump station on Merriwether Street in downtown Cape Girardeau. The facility is being dedicated to Mr. Andy Juden, an integral figure in Cape Girardeau’s flood protection system and management.
Andy-JudenAbout Andy Juden: Andy Juden was an influential founder and head of operations for the Main Street Levee District from the early 1950s until 2008. Juden’s father, a prominent downtown business owner, was instrumental in creating and maintaining the floodwall that has protected downtown Cape Girardeau since the late 1950s.
Charles “Andy” Juden, Jr. was born Jan. 26, 1934, in Cape Girardeau, to Charles Andrew and Cleo Magness Juden. He attended St. Vincent Grade School and Central High School. After graduation from Central, he attended the University of Missouri at Columbia. He and Jeanette Hosea were married Dec. 25, 1954, at Christ Episcopal Church in Cape Girardeau. Andy joined his father in the family’s farm and real estate management business. He was active in Lions Club, Cape Girardeau Country Club and Elks Lodge. He enjoyed hunting and was a member of Ducks Unlimited 25 years, and also a member of The Navy League.
In 1965, Andy Juden was elected to succeed his father as president of the Main Street Levee Improvement District. He retired from the district when the city assumed the task of running the flood protection system in 2008. In memoriam, the Merriwether Pump Station was renamed for Mr. Andy Juden in 2015, recognizing his contributions to the flood protection program through many decades of service.
About the flood protection system: Cape Girardeau’s floodwall, with its beautiful murals, is as important as it is iconic of downtown Cape Girardeau. The floodwall and pump stations are part of a critical system that keeps the downtown district dry and safe.
The floodwall levee system protects about one linear mile from the Isle Casino to the Bill Emerson Bridge. The system includes 2,030 feet of earthen levee and 6,210 feet of concrete floodwall which together is almost 23 football fields! Trained professionals operate and maintain the system which also includes two pump stations and numerous different drainage structures. The project provides protection along the riverfront against a “180-year flood” of 54-feet. During the time that this pump station was dedicated to Andy Juden, a record flood stage was set in January 2016 at a river stage of 48.86 feet. At 16 feet above flood stage, that’s still about 4 feet below the top of the floodwall.
The successful partnership among the Levee Districts, the Corps of Engineers, local businesses and property owners, and the City of Cape Girardeau was what made the floodwall construction a success. The North Main Street and Main Street levee improvement districts operated the floodwall levee system until 2008 when ownership, operation and maintenance was transferred to the City of Cape Girardeau and the two levee districts were dissolved. Successful partnerships among the Corps, the City and downtown continues to the present day.