6 Reasons “Play Cape! Saturday” is the Place to be March 12

PlaymoWhat is Play Cape! Saturday, you may ask? Well, it is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and sign up for everything that the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department has in store for the next few months, including activities, community groups, leagues, events, and much more.
Still in doubt of whether you want to go or not? Fret no more! Here are the top six reasons to why you can’t miss this fun-filled event!
1. It’s on a Saturday
We go through the week being so busy and then Saturday comes along and we want to find something to do with friends and family. Play Cape! Saturday gives you the opportunity to do something fun! Everything is already planned; you just need to show up! The event is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 12 at the Osage Centre in Cape Girardeau, so it still allows you to get some extra sleep in and enjoy some relaxation before all the fun begins. Saturdays should involve something enjoyable, like Play Cape! Saturday, especially after the hard work week.
2. Play Cape! Saturday is Close To Home
Lets face it: One of the reasons we love living in Cape Girardeau (or nearby) is being about 10-15 minutes drive, on average, from all the fun around town. The easiness and familiarity is why we are drawn to our town. It is also another reason to why there is no excuse not to come out to “Play Cape! Saturday.” Even if you live in a nearby town, the drive to sign up for all things fun and actually attend the events you signed up for will be short.
3. Get Everything Done At Once
We are busy individuals. With families, children, work, marriages, social events, sport leagues, camps, cooking, school, homework, and so much more, it is hard to get everything done in one day. You deserve the time you’ll save by getting done with all the sign-ups at once. When attending “Play Cape! Saturday,” you will get the opportunity to sign up for classes, leagues, events, camps, and all the activities that the Parks and Recreation Department supplies. No need to go on all the different websites or hassle through more phone calls than necessary. Just go and get it done in one day!
4. Find Out New Things Going On for All Ages
I think you’d be surprised to know how much Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation has going on. There are different opportunities every season.  Don’t miss out on something just because you didn’t know about it! “Play Cape! Saturday” allows you to explore everything there is to offer.
5. Sign Up and Visit with Vendors
“Play Cape! Saturday” isn’t offering just sign-ups either! There will be local businesses and organizations joining the fun as well. My Team Triumph, Cape Youth Tackle Football, Lazy L Safari, Cape Girardeau Nature Center, Cape Marketers Club, River City Aquatics, Southeast College of Nursing, Kona Ice, SEMO Athletics, SEMO Continuing Education, Smoothie King, and your favorite Parks and Recreation staff will be attending the event! There will be opportunities for children to have a fitness assessment and see how healthy they are! There will also be prizes and games throughout the afternoon. It is a great opportunity to get the kids out of the house and have some family fun for a few hours.
6. Most Importantly…It’s (Almost) Free!
There’s no event entry fee. Parks and Recreation want to host this event for the community just to enjoy and get organized and signed up for upcoming programs. The only costs associated with this event are those associated with signing up for the programs you choose. Plan your spring activities at Play Cape! Saturday!