Cape Girardeau Fire Department Completes Live-Fire Sprinkler Comparisons – Jan. 28, 2016

Today, we had the opportunity to compare, test, and demonstrate the fire suppression capabilities of standard residential fire sprinklers, Plumis automist systems, and traditional firefighting tactics.
Our thanks to Drury Southwest, Inc., who allowed us to use six rooms to complete our live-fire comparisons in the old Drury Lodge being demolished to make room for a new hotel and convention center. We’d also like to thank the folks with Q-Dot Engineering, LLC. who set up and helped conduct testing with the Plumis automist system, and the folks with Hi-Tech Fire Protection, LLC. for their help with the standard residential sprinkler system.

Photos show the different sprinkler systems and how they reacted to fires in two rooms, versus the average response time to a fire in another room and its subsequent damage. The difference is massive between the sprinklered rooms and the other without sprinkler protection.