Pediatric Medical Emergency Team Extend Lease at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport

During their Dec. 7 meeting, the Cape Girardeau City Council approved a lease agreement amendment between the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis, extending for one year the hospital’s use of hangar space.
The lease agreement allows SSM to house their Cape Girardeau Transport Team (including a pediatric nurse, a respiratory therapist, and an ambulance driver) and equipment used to respond to our region’s need for emergency pediatric medical care in partnership with ARCH Air Medical Services out of Farmington, Mo.
This is the third approval of a one-year lease extension between the City/Airport and SSM since 2012. The lease also provides the City additional revenues of $1,400 per month and generates additional revenue through fuel sales.
Below are the number of trips the SSM transport team locally have been called upon to respond. If the continued presence of SSM produces enough air medical traffic throughout the region, including the Southeast Missouri Bootheel, ARCH could consider a return to the Cape Girardeau area.
Below are the number of trips the SSM Transport Team locally have been called upon to respond. The need for their services continues to grow in our region.

2012 143
2013 109
2014 167
2015 153*

Information about the SSM Transport Team’s 2013 numbers and background