New Public Library Board Member David Diveley on Community Service

David-Diveley-2015Library patron David Diveley was appointed to the Public Library Board of Trustees by the Cape Girardeau City Council at the Monday, Dec. 7 meeting.
Diveley knew it would be another good opportunity to serve the community when Library Director Betty Martin asked him to serve. David is already an active community member in Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and Knights of Columbus. By day, Diveley puts his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice to good use as an ATF special agent.
“I’ve always enjoyed being a patron of the library and have used the facility often,” said Diveley. “I’m excited to serve on the Library Board and glad to serve the community. Director Martin and her staff operate a great resource for the community and I look forward to working with them.”
David has lived in Cape Girardeau for 27 years. Welcome to the Board, David!
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