2015 City of Cape Girardeau Department Employees of the Year

Congratulations to everyone who was named Employee of the Year for 2015, and everyone else who were also nominated by their peers. Here’s a little bit about each of the awarded employees from each city department.
Parks & Recreation Department
Tim Maynard, Senior Maintenance Worker, was named Parks and Recreation’s Employee of the Year for 2015. Tim has worked for the City of Cape for 7 years. Several other employees nominated Tim for his excellent skill in cabinet making/wood working, leading by example, being a team leader and great teacher, taking pride in his work, putting in extra hours when needed, and being an excellent person to work with. Congratulations, Tim!
Public Works Department
Robbie Reed, Solid Waste Worker II, was named Public Works’ Employee of the Year for 2015. Robbie has worked with the City for more than 21 years. He regularly completes multiple job assignments. Routinely, Robbie sets, repairs, and removes trash and recycling carts; works in the recycling center; and picks up nuisance abatement orders. This past year, Robbie stopped and helped an elderly woman change a flat tire on the side of the road, going beyond the call of duty. He helps co-workers and residents, and makes sure things are completed to the best of his abilities. If residents bring materials into the drop-off facility, he will help them unload and give them any needed assistance. Robbie is liked by his co-workers and fills in when needed anywhere. His good sense of humor lightens up the work day. Congratulations, Robbie!
Police Department
Ptlm. Jim Zeidler was named the Cape Girardeau Police Department’s 2015 Employee of the Year. Ptlm. Zeidler began his career in law enforcement with us 8 years ago. He has served in the Patrol Division all 8 years and is currently assigned as an Evidence Technician for D Platoon. Ptlm. Zeidler is well-versed in evidence collection and is often called upon to handle evidence collection for major crimes. Evidence collection can either “make or break” a case, and in May of 2015, the evidence collected by Ptlm. Zeidler spoke loud and clear. A student at Southeast Missouri State University was forced into a red extended cab pick-up truck while she was sitting in her car at a local park, studying for a final exam. After being held against her will for more than six hours, and being driven to various locations and assaulted, she was able to jump from the vehicle at an off-ramp on Interstate 57 in Illinois and run for help. After being notified by Illinois law enforcement authorities, our officers were able to locate the victim’s vehicle in South County Park. Ptlm. Zeidler was tasked with processing the victim’s vehicle and he ultimately located a latent fingerprint on the underside of the door handle. This latent fingerprint led to the identification and arrest of suspect, Jeffery Lazier, a 43-year-old from the Chicago area. Mr. Lazier has since pled guilty in Federal Court to a felony count of kidnapping. Ptlm. Zeidler is respected by both his peers and superiors, and is often the “go-to” officer on his platoon. Congratulations, Jim!
Fire Department
Capt. John Ryan was named Fire Department Employee of the Year for 2015. Congratulations, John! He began working with the department in 1991. Capt. Ryan performs a large volume of extra work beyond his assigned duties for the Department. He routinely works late into the evening to accomplish the many tasks he completes. Capt. Ryan has helped the Fire Department fulfill its mission by supporting our delivery of services, especially as they relate to EMS. He has organized and coordinated many of our medical training classes, including our monthly deliveries and special classes such as ACLS and PALS. He has also developed and delivered many of our in-house training offerings. Capt. Ryan works tirelessly, assisting members with the tracking and submission of required documentation and paperwork for licensing, both with the State of Missouri and the National Registry. Capt. Ryan is one of the most positive employees the City has. He consistently exhibits a great attitude, and is always ready and willing to help both his peers and the community he serves.
Administrative Services/Development Services/Airport
Cindy Redecker, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Finance Division, was named Employee of the Year for 2015. Cindy has worked with the City for 19 years. She always goes the extra mile to help other employees and is dedicated to making sure the job is done right. Cindy is always helpful when other employees have questions and has a great attitude. She never takes short cuts and has a tremendous work ethic. Cindy was a huge asset in the massive software transition from GEMS to MUNIS for all financial transactions, and was very helpful in explaining how processes would change. This was crucial for the first year, as others struggled to adjust to the new system. Cindy is a team leader who shows remarkable willingness to help others and patience. Congratulations, Cindy!