TTF On-Budget: Semi-Annual Council Report on Sales Tax

A recent Council memo detailed how management of the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) sales tax delivers on promises made to voters. TTF is an important program to fund and prioritize street renovation, a key issue among most Cape Girardeau residents.

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CAPESAYSYES-TTFTransportaton Trust Fund 1-3
(Voter-Approved 1995, 2000, 2005)

The semi-annual financial report closed the books on TTF 1-3 with all projects completed within budget except one discarded project, Armstrong Drive. Reflecting community needs and input, funding for the new street  will instead be used for neighborhood street repairs in TTF-5 as outlined below.
Transportaton Trust Fund 4  (Voter-Approved 2010)
TTF_4_only_2nd_REVISIONSome TTF-4 projects are already complete and several are in progress. General maintenance projects have been ongoing and will continue all over the city.
TTF-4: Projects in Progress

  1. Bloomfield Road from Benton Hill Road (County Road 206) to White Oaks Lane — Plans for this cost-share project with the Cape Special Road District are 95% finalized.
  2. Independence Street and Gordonville Road intersection improvement — Public meeting was held Oct. 27 to present plans to area residents and commuters.
  3. Mustang Drive – The original plan touted new development and access benefits at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport with a favorable cost share arrangement: 90% State +10% City. Since the property for the new road has been sold, this funding will instead be reserved for projects that might arise in the future with similar benefits.
  4. Sprigg Street – Various improvements from William Street to Olive Street. Currently, city engineers are designing the sidewalk from Lafayette to Village.
  5. Veterans Memorial Drive: Scenic Drive to Hopper Road – City staff have worked with area property owners and drafted design plans.
  6. West End Boulevard from Linden Street to Jefferson Avenue and Walnut Street – Workers have been busy on this project. Part of the new Walnut is paved, southbound West End paving is complete, northbound West End will be paved to Walnut soon, with work expected to be mostly complete in mid-December.
  7. West End Boulevard from Rose Street to New Madrid Street – This project will be combined with another West End project funded with TTF-5. Construction will start in 2018.
  8. Downtown Sidewalk Replacement – Consultants are designing sidewalks to be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards. They also intend to include updated lighting. Funding will include TTF-4 funds ($800,000) and Riverfront Development Funds from Casino Revenue ($150,000). There will be a second public meeting in November

TTF-4: Completed Projects

  1. Broadway and Henderson Avenue intersection improvement – A new traffic signal was added with Southeast Missouri State University paying for two-thirds of the project, and the City of Cape Girardeau paying for only one-third.
  2. Broadway from Pacific Street to Water Street (curb, gutter, sidewalk and overlay)
    TTF funded the street work as originally intended. Additional decorative enhancements were funded by the Isle of Capri and City development agreement. The overall project has won numerous awards and has contributed to the growing excitement in downtown Cape Girardeau.
  3. Lexington Avenue and Route W intersection improvements – City officials cut the ribbon on a roundabout at this location two years ago and have been impressed with the safety benefits ever since. The City and the Missouri Department of Transportation shared the cost of this project 50-50.
  4. William Street/Aquamsi Street/Main Street intersection and William Street corridor – Corridor designs were complete and presented to the public. Members of the public and City Council determined not to continue with the project. The Aquamsi intersection construction was also completed.

TTF-4: Ongoing Maintenance and General Projects

  1. Existing street paving/overlays
  2. Street, curb and gutter repairs
  3. Sidewalk repairs
  4. New sidewalk construction

Transportaton Trust Fund 5  (Voter-Approved 2015)
ttf5Most our streets are in fair or better condition but we have a lot of work to do to keep our roads in good shape. From the 2012 citizen survey to regular street issue reports from residents, it is very clear that we need to invest in preserving Cape Girardeau streets. The TTF-5 plan includes major safety and traffic renovation in addition to general repair.
Since TTF-5 was approved, $3.2 million originally intended for the Armstrong Drive project from TTF-3 will be used for Neighborhood Street Repairs (see high priority map). Our staff is working on these plans now.
GET INVOLVED: You Should Come to City Council Meetings
If you’ve made it this far, you must be very interested in our street repair programs and/or local policymaking. You should attend the next Council meeting to observe or even address the Council about issues important to you. Meetings include community presentations, regular business and big announcements such as the City-Drury partnership to develop a new conference center to attract tourism. Upcoming meetings include issues such as: funded partner presentations from MAGNET and Humane Society, deer population issues, smoking issues, public safety personnel levels and more.