Holiday Challenge – Maintain, Don't Gain

holiday-feetThe average American gains between 1-5 pounds over the holiday season and keeps it. Don’t let that be you! Join our Parks and Recreation fitness and wellness Holiday Challenge: Maintain, Don’t Gain.
To participate, register and put $5 in the pot at Osage Centre’s front desk, then weigh in between Nov. 15-21 with Christine Paige, Fitness and Wellness Coordinator. Next, make sure you’re doing your best to eat right and exercise during the holiday season. You’ll weigh in again after the holidays, between Jan. 3-16, and you could win money.
So, how do you win? If you maintain your current weight, or lose more weight, you’ll get a chunk of the cash prize pot. Gain weight? Well, no dice this time.
Questions? Call Christine at 573-339-6604.