Capt. Ray Warner Recently Retired from Cape Girardeau Fire Department

Capt. Ray Warner recently retired after 33 years of service with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department. Congratulations, Ray! He received a plaque commemorating his service from Mayor Harry Rediger and Chief Rick Ennis during the Sept. 1 City Council meeting. Mayor Rediger read a few remarks about Ray’s career, including:
Ray graduated from Central High School in Cape Girardeau in 1978. He enlisted in the Air Force and served as a firefighter until he was discharged in July 1982. He began a career with the fire department on December 2, 1982. His lists of accomplishment in his 33 years of service are:
He completed his Firefighter I & II certification in September 1995.
He was promoted to Master Firefighter November 1, 1995. The department began responding to emergency medical calls and he received his Emergency Medical Technician license August 1, 1988.
In July 1994, Ray received a Letter of Commendation and Appreciation in recognition of his hard work, innovative ideas and extraordinary efforts that resulted in the building of an effective shop and storage area at Fire Station 2, and for design and construction of the fire Inspector’s office at Fire Station 1.
In October 1994 during a structure fire on Spanish Street Capt. Warner, along with his fellow firefighters, provided medical care to a patient until the ambulance service arrived. The fact that this gentleman is alive today speaks well of the dedication and effective manner that the Fire Department personnel displayed while on the emergency scene that day.
Ray received a Letter of Commendation in July 1996 in grateful appreciation for the highest quality service to the department on the driving regulations task group. This group undertook the significant task of developing a document for the purpose of establishing department wide driving regulations for emergency vehicles. Many meetings and much of the research were accomplished by members during off-duty hours.
Ray received a Unit Citation in July 1996 for planning, coordination and effort displayed in voluntarily making the department’s facilities and apparatus improvements a success. His actions were far above the responsibilities normally associated with his position and in keeping with the highest traditions of the fire service.
He received a Letter of Recognition on November 10, 1997 for his actions taken during and after a medical incident in which he displayed an exceedingly compassionate act of kindness and thoughtfulness toward the patient’s family. The patient, now retired, was a City of Cape Girardeau Human Resources Director. He wrote a letter of appreciation and accommodation for the medical care given him and the professionalism and concern extended to his wife during his medical emergency.
Ray was promoted to Captain on January 1, 2000.
On December 8, 2006 Ray received the Star of Merit for demonstrating extraordinary actions, judgment, zeal and ingenuity relating to the department’s Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) program. Ray has worked tirelessly on maintaining and repairing our SCBA units, fit testing our firefighters’ facepieces, and keeping up with the latest technology, industry standards, recalls, tracking and recording these maintenance and repairs. His efforts made a direct impact on the effectiveness and safety of our firefighters.
Ray received a record of exceptional performance in June 2014 for his work on the training site and getting conex trailers ready for a live burn. Capt. Warner was very conscientious with his work and the quality was exceptional.
In addition to his list of accomplishments and extra efforts, Ray has demonstrated a strong work ethic as well being a go-to person for electrical issues and special projects. He has assisted in numerous projects throughout his years at the fire department that exceed expectations associated with his job description.
Ray plans to remain in the fire service as a volunteer at Millersville Rural Fire Department.