New Cape Girardeau Transfer Station Groundbreaking Event Held Aug. 10

Transfer Station Ground Breaking 081015-WEBThe City of Cape Girardeau Public Works Department broke ground on its newest project – the new Transfer Station – on Monday, Aug. 10.
The Transfer Station is where solid waste and other materials are moved out of the city and to a landfill. The project has been among the City’s top capital improvement needs in recent years because of its current location, the need for more capacity to handle additional commercial and residential growth, and a drive to make the facility’s operations more sustainable.
Originally built in the 1980s, the current Transfer Station’s maintenance issues have grown. Older scales, equipment and the building itself have made operations less efficient and planning for future growth more difficult. Unlike the current facility, the new facility will accommodate the City’s residential recycling materials.
The groundbreaking event, attended by city staff, dignitaries, and others important to the project, took place at the new Transfer Station’s proposed site on Corporate Circle, near the existing Public Works facility and new Wastewater Treatment Facility.
Transfer Station Ground Breaking 2 081015-WEB
City of Cape Girardeau Public Works Director Steve Cook said the new location is more ideal because of additional space and the potential for improved traffic flow. The existing Transfer Station at the 2500-block of South Sprigg Street has been difficult to access in recent years because of sinkholes shutting down a nearby part of the roadway.
Several factors fell in place to help make the project financially possible. In December, the City Council approved an agreement with Republic Services that included hauling solid waste from the City’s transfer station to the company’s landfill. Another provision calls for Republic Services  to run its hauling operation and process all solid waste through a new City-owned transfer station. The City would benefit from revenue generated from the additional solid waste processed by the City, plus lease payments from Republic for using city-owned facilities. Special obligation bonds and casino revenue also fund the project.
The process continued in January, when the Council approved a resolution to enter into an agreement with Cambridge Companies Inc. for professional and construction management services for the new multi-use transfer station. It reached the next step at the Aug. 3 Council meeting, as the Council approved a guaranteed maximum price for the project of $3,812,614. The cost is nearly $57,000 lower than the initial estimate.
Prior to the groundbreaking, the City Council had an 8 a.m. special Council meeting  in the Wastewater Treatment Facility’s conference room to canvass the Aug. 4 election results.
Facts About the Transfer Station
In 2014, 23,082 tons of trash and materials were brought to the facility to be hauled to landfills. The Transfer Station served more than 9,000 customers in addition to handling the trash from the Public Works’ curbside residential trash pickup service.