Master Firefighter Harry Schumer Recently Retired from Cape Girardeau Fire Department

Master Firefighter Harry Schumer recently retired after 28 years of service with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department. Congratulations, Harry! He received a plaque commemorating his service from Mayor Harry Rediger and Chief Rick Ennis during the Aug. 3 City Council meeting. Mayor Rediger read a few remarks about Harry’s career, including:
Master Firefighter Harry Schumer was a dedicated employee of the fire department for 28 years. He began his career with the fire department Aug. 1, 1987. He completed his Firefighter I & II certification on December 7, 1988.
Harry received his first Letter of Commendation and Appreciation on July 27, 1994 in recognition of his hard work, innovative ideas and extraordinary efforts in the construction work that resulted in the building of an effective shop and storage area at Fire Station 2 and for the fire inspector’s office at Fire Station 1.
The department began responding to emergency medical calls and he received his Emergency Medical Technician license Jan. 9, 1995.
He was recognized for his bravery in the Southeast Missourian on March 1, 1995 for coming to the aid of two firefighters, Captain Don Smith and Firefighter Randy Morris, Sr. when a wall collapsed on the night of Nov. 11, 1994 at 226 Linda Street. Harry removed the I Beam from Firefighter Morris, rendered medical aid and requested help in removing both of them from the building.
He was promoted to Master Firefighter on March 24, 2001.
In September 2005, after the destructive landfall in August of Hurricane Katrina, Harry volunteered to answer a request from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for firefighters to assist with the massive undertaking to reach the residents who had been displaced along the Gulf Coast. Harry assisted in this capacity for over 30 days.
Harry received a Medal of Valor on June 6, 2008 for stopping to assist at a motor vehicle collision on April 24, 2008. While off duty and without the aid of personal protection clothing, tools or firefighting equipment, Harry acted without hesitation to rescue a man using his bare hands to punch a hole in the windshield big enough to pull the driver through with the help of two other bystanders before fire engulfed the passenger compartment of the truck. Harry also received a plaque and Letter of Resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives for this incident as well as being recognized as an honoree State Highway Patrol.
He received the Firefighter of the Year Award in 2008 from the VFW.
He was Fire Department Employee of the Year in 2013.
Harry continued to train his entire career obtaining a National Certification in Airport Firefighting in February 2015.
In addition to his list of accomplishments Harry has demonstrated his strong work ethic as well as high morals and values though out his career. He has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow firefighters. He is known best for being a powerful informal leader, a mentor to the younger firefighters and a go-to person for mechanical issues. Both officers and firefighters value his advice and opinions.