Spotlight on Services: Public Works' Pickup and Drop Off Options for Yard Waste, Recycling

Trash Recycling pickupIf you’re a Cape Girardeau city customer for trash and recycling, you’ve got several options for removing unwanted items, like some electronics and yard waste, from your property with Public Works.
Wednesday Special Pickup
Customers can schedule a Wednesday Special Pickup for large, bulky items such as garage and basement debris. One free, solid waste, Wednesday Special Pickup is allotted per year for each residential trash and recycling customer.
For customers not using their one, free yearly pickup, the charge for service is dependent on the type of items included. What one person can generally pick up in 5 minutes is a $5 charge. If you have heavy items requiring 2 people or more to lift, then the charge is $10 for a 10-minute pickup. Each appliance incurrs an additional $10 fee.
A limited number of pickups are available each Wednesday, so please call to schedule in advance: 573-339-6351.
Yard Waste Removal Using City Bags
City Yard Waste Bags can be purchased at Schnucks, Food Giant, City Hall, and Public Works (5 for $6.25). After purchasing your City yard waste bags, call Public Works to schedule a Wednesday pickup. There is no charge for the pickup. Be sure to purchase the City yard waste bags; they are the ones with the bright green stickers.
You can also take your yard waste items (leaves and twigs with 1/4″ diameter or smaller) to the Recycling Center at 2007 Southern Expressway for no charge. Limbs with a diameter of 1/4″ or larger will need to be taken to the Transfer Station at 2500 South Sprigg Street. Normal Transfer Station fees will apply for limb disposal.  The yard waste collected is ground into mulch and made available to the public in the southeast corner of Arena Park (where the animals are during the Fair) on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Recycling Options: Roadside Cart and Recycling Center Drop-Off
Recyclables can either be set out for curbside collection in your cart or taken to the City Recycling Center Drop-Off Facility at 2007 Southern Expressway, on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Recycling Center is closed on City holidays. Recyclables should be placed in your dark green cart and at the curb before 6:00 am on your recycling day. The Public Works Department collects an average of 175 tons of recyclables monthly.  
Email or call the Public Works Department at (573) 339-6351 for more information. Recyclables can be placed in your dark green recycling cart. No need to separate items (except glass).
To help keep light weight items from blowing when your cart is dumped, bag newspaper wrappers, plastic sacks and loose paper before placing it in your cart.

Newspaper, Magazines, Junk mail and Residential Paper: Envelopes (window envelopes also acceptable), stationery, copy paper (all colors), computer paper, notebook paper and typing paper are accepted. We also accept gift wrap and brown paper (grocery) bags.
Corrugated Cardboard, Grayboard and Chipboard: Includes cereal type boxes, soda cases, shoe boxes etc. Pizza delivery boxes can not be accepted because of food contamination, but frozen pizza boxes are acceptable. If you break down the boxes and flatten them they will fit better in your recycling cart.
Plastic: Household containers labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 including shopping bags (#2) and newspaper wrappers (#4) are acceptable as well as bread wrappers. Just rinse containers and place them in your recycling cart. It is not necessary to remove plastic lids or labels.
Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans: The general guideline states that if food or beverages came in the can it is recyclable. Rinse the can well to remove excess food. Lids and labels do not need to be removed.

Glass recycling items cannot be placed in your recycling cart, but it can be dropped off at a glass recycling point at any of the four Fire Stations in Cape Girardeau, the A.C. Brase Arena, Osage Centre, or Public Works’ Recycling Drop-off location.
Electronics recycling is available through a partnership with Midwest Recycling Center (MRC) at the Recycling Center facility. Most items are recycled for free, but there is a $15 charge to recycle tube televisions under 27 inches, and a $35 fee to recycle console and tube TVs over 27 inches.  Projection TVs and other big screens that are not LCD or plasma are $35. MRC also offers hard drive destruction for a fee of $5. More information can be found on the MRC flyer or by calling Public Works at 573-339-6351.


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      Paint Disposal
      Never put liquid paint in the trash or pour it down the drain, into the sewer, on the ground or into a waterway. Paint disposed of this way can contaminate our soil and groundwater. When working with paint, plan your projects wisely and only buy as much as you think you will need. Left over paint can be used for crafts or to beautify a dog or play house. Theater groups, friends and neighbors may also provide outlets for excess paint. Use technology to offer paint for free on your facebook page or list it on a giveaway site such as freecycle. The Cape Girardeau ReStore will accept new, unopened sealed paint. Please contact them at 651-9080 or for verification. Light colored paint could be taken to a paint store and remixed for a new look or used as a base coat when repainting with a darker color.
      If you cannot find anyone who can use it, latex paint can be disposed in your trash cart or with a special pickup after it has been solidified. To solidify paint, mix a solvent such as cat litter with the paint using 2 parts cat litter to 1 part paint and let it dry completely. If placing in your cart, please bag and seal the solidified paint container. When using a special pickup, place the paint to the side of your other items with the lid removed so the hauler can see that it is solidified.
      Oil based paint is considered a hazardous waste and must be disposed of through a hazardous waste collection.

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