Even Small (18"+) Pools Need a Fence

Summertime is prime time for installing a swimming pool. We want to make sure your pool installation is code compliant to help keep your family and neighbors safe.

  • Any swimming pool 18” or deeper is required to be enclosed by a fence. The fence permit is free.
  • Any swimming pool 24” or deeper also requires a permit. The swimming pool permit (same as Residential Building Permit)  is typically $40.  We look for the following information as part of the Residential Building Permit Application for a pool:
    • The fence surrounding the pool must be at least 4 feet tall, with gaps no larger than 4” in any direction.
    • The fence may be built up to, but not over, the property line.
    • Any gates into the pool area must be self-closing and self-latching.
    • Any doors from the dwelling unit that open into the pool area must be equipped with an alarm.
    • The pool is located in the rear or side yard.
    • Proper grounding and bonding for the pool and equipment.
    • The pool is at least 5 feet from your property line, and at least 20 feet from your neighbor’s house.