Building a Deck on Your Home in Cape Girardeau

Are you wanting to take advantage of the weather and build a deck at your home? Here are some items we look for when plans are submitted for a new deck:

  • A completed residential permit application and two copies of each drawing
  • A site plan, indicating the required setbacks and the proposed location for the deck
  • A deck plan and/or a section through the deck indicating the size of beams, size and spacing of joists, size of columns, and size of footings; the type and spacing of fasteners to connect columns to footings, beams to columns, the deck to the house, and joists to the beams; the height of the deck and the guard around the deck; and he width of the stairs, height of stair risers, depth of stair treads, spacing of stringers, height and size of guard and handrail.

Once a permit is issued, there are three inspections that occur on a deck. The contractor is responsible for scheduling these inspections with Inspection Services.

  • Footing inspection – to verify the depth and size of the footings
  • Framing inspection – to verify the lumber and fasteners are the correct size
  • Final inspection – to verify the deck was built per plans and is code compliant

To help design your deck, refer to the Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide, which is based on the 2009 International Residential Code and is in an easier to read format than the code. Or you can use the 2009 International Residential Code:
For more information, please contact the City of Cape Girardeau Development Services Department’s Inspection Services Division at 573-339-6327.