Indoor Sports Complex Public Meeting Video, FAQs

We hosted a meeting Tuesday night for the public to review proposals and ask questions regarding an Indoor Sports Complex. Like the Show Me Center, River Campus, Osage Centre and Shawnee Park Sports Complex, the Indoor Sports Complex is intended to provide increased tourism and economic impact to the city of Cape Girardeau and the surrounding region similar to other Restaurant Tax funded projects.

More to come as we continue to review and process the proposals.



Public Meeting Presentation and Questions Video (May 5, 2015)

Low-quality video recording of meeting available via Ustream


Public Meeting Background Information
(Provided by Parks & Recreation staff to meeting attendees MAY 5, 2015)
  1. How was an Indoor Sports Venue determined to be the next project to be funded by the restaurant tax (This tax was passed by voters again in 1998 and will terminate in 2030)

A special committee appointed by the City Council reviewed four proposed venues that were agreed upon through an amendment to the “Settlement Agreement” between the City and MidAmerica Hotels Corporation and Daniel M. Drury and Diane Drury Edwards and they include an Indoor Sports Venue, Indoor Aquatics Center, a Hotel/Conference Center and a Multi-Purpose Agricultural Expo Building. All four were determined to be viable projects that would provide additional economic impact during the colder winter months when hotel/restaurant tax drops compared to the warmer months.

  1. Why was the indoor sports venue selected over the other facilities?

The City hired several consultants to perform studies that compared potential impact for sports/event/business/recreational/conference tourism and the Indoor Sports Venue produced the overall best numbers with regards to opportunity. Sports are big business and the current volume of events along with the inability to host certain events led the committee to select the indoor sports venue as their top choice.

  1. What sports and facility amenities were requested to be included in the Indoor Sports Complex RFP?

At a minimum the facility size was recommended to be approx. 120,000 square feet and the sports to be included in the project include wood court sports, turf sports, ancillary facilities for meetings, concessions, restrooms, storage and offices.

  1. Why did the City send out a “Request for Proposal” for this project?

The City felt that a competitive process would bring forward potential sites and creative proposals the City may otherwise not be aware of; thereby providing the best opportunity for enhancing the economic impact to the area.

  1. Why was the process confidential?

It is very common when municipalities are working within a competitive process where both legal and real estate transactions are involved that for a certain amount of time in order to protect all parties within the negotiations the information is kept confidential. The City of Cape Girardeau has provided for this negotiation process within its ordinances and charter.

  1. How many proposals were received, who are they and where are the proposed locations?

We received 8 submittals, two which were not considered as one was a class project for the Career and Technology Center and the other was a consultant soliciting their services. Of the six (6) viable submittals the committee narrowed down to three that more closely provided information that was defined in the request for proposal.

  1. *South KingsHighway Investment LLC – South Kingshighway area  (2nd)
  2. *MidAmerica Hotels Corporation – I-55/Kingshighway area (3rd)
  3. *West Cape Development Corporation – Shawnee Park Sports Complex area (1st)
  4. River City Sports Village – I-55/Hwy 74 area
  5. Broadview Development Partners – Arena Park/Broadview area
  6. Cape Sports Plex – Hwy 74 and Shawnee Park Sports Complex area
  7. Sports Marketing 2 Class – suggested I-55/Kingshighway or at Osage Park
  8. Sports Facility Advisory/Sports Facility Management Group – no proposed location

*Denotes the top three project teams selected to present their proposals.
(Random presentation order at meeting noted in parentheses)

  1. What were the criteria used to evaluate the RFP’s?

Team background/experience/approach; Description and Creativity of Proposal; Proposed Site Viability; and Overall Project Economic Viability, Sustainability and Future Opportunities

  1. What is the budget for the Indoor Sports Facility?

The current project budget is estimated to be $12 million dollars including the cost of land, design and construction. The operational budget is projected to be between $500,000 and $700,000 when fully operational which could take 3 – 5 years. The project is expected to be self-supporting within the first 5 years of operation.

  1. What will happen at the public meeting and what is the timeline for the future?

Each of the teams will have 15 minutes to present their proposals and the public will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of ALL THREE presentations. The current committee that has been responsible for the RFP process (John Mehner, Chamber of Commerce CEO, Molly Hood, Asst. City Manager/Development Services Director and Julia Thompson, Parks and Recreation Director) will provide a recommendations for consideration to City Council at the May 18th Council Session.

Should the City Council reach a decision within the next 4 – 6 weeks, the City would then initiate final negotiations with the recommended project team. The Indoor Sports Venue could conceivably be designed, built and operational within the next 18 months.