Signal Changes at Sprigg and Morgan Oak Intersection in Cape Girardeau

This week, drivers will notice traffic signal changes at the intersection of Sprigg and Morgan Oak streets in Cape Girardeau.

Permanent stop signs will be installed on the eastbound and westbound sides of the Morgan Oak and Sprigg intersection. Once stop signs are installed, the remaining traffic signals will be turned off, with the non-used signal poles being removed sometime later this year.

A recent accident damaged a traffic signal pole at the intersection of Sprigg and Independence streets. Another traffic signal pole from the Morgan Oak intersection was moved to Sprigg and Independence to repair the damage.

The repair created changes to how motorists navigate the Sprigg and Morgan Oak intersection. The new stop sign changes and removal of traffic lights means Sprigg at Morgan Oak will operate as a “cross traffic does not stop” intersection.

Plans were already in place to phase out the Morgan Oak intersection stoplight. Drivers are asked to use caution in light of the changes.