Spring Road Work Season: Many Locations to Receive Repairs in Cape Girardeau

Road-work-cape-girardeauSpring is road work season in Cape Girardeau! More than 50 locations will receive repairs in coming weeks and months, as overseen by the City of Cape Girardeau Public Works Department’s Street Division.

The locations listed below will undergo repair by the contractor. Work is already under way, and is expected to end on these projects by July 1. The work is funded through the Transportation Trust Fund program (TTF4). In all, The City Council appropriated $350,000 for street repairs in the first half of 2015.

Work will be completed in the first group in the next several weeks. Once complete, crews will move to the remaining groups, weather permitting. As always, motorists are asked to use caution in these, and all, work zones.

Group 1
Kent and Kevin
2313 Kent
2309 Kent
2305 to 2301 Kent
2305 to 2301 Kent (by inlet)
Kent and Beth intersection (on Beth)
2042 Beth
2253 Kent
2241 Kent
2230 Kent
2237 to 2233 Kent
2233 Kent (inlet) to 2233 Kent (driveway)
2233 Kent (driveway) to 2229 Kent (driveway)
2301 Belleridge Pike
Belleridge Pike and Sara Dr.
Sara Dr. and Earleen Dr.
2022 Sara Dr.
2026 Sara Dr.

Group 2
Themis and Woodbine
501 and 503 Woodbine
Woodbine south of Mimosa Dr.
Woodbine and Mimosa Dr. intersection
706 Woodbine
702 Woodbine
Woodbine and Laurel
634 Woodbine
630 to 626 Woodbine
626 Woodbine to Westfield intersection
Woodbine and Westfield intersection
618 Woodbine
614 Woodbine
612 Woodbine and 612 Woodbine (driveway)
609 to 607 Woodbine

Group 3
2500 Randol
2550 Lynnwood
2506 to 2524 Lynnwood
1704 David
1513 David
1449 David
1809 to 1821 Randol
Melrose and Longview
1816 to 1821 Delwin
Randol and Camel Back at 2495 Camel Back (inlet)
2433 Camel Back
2416 Camel Back

Group 4
1557 Trenton
1554 Valley Forge
1558 Valley Forge
1725 Greenbriar